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                                     Biological Hydration Activator

                               CLEOPATRA uses HydraBoost
                               Bio-Active Serum for deep
                               hydration which helps reduce
                               fine lines and wrinkles and
                               brings back a glow to
                               your skin.

                               Fine lines and wrinkles develop not only as we age
                               but as we increase our exposure to environmental
                               pollutants. Delivering HydroBoost Bio-Active Serum
                               through CLEOPATRA will leave your skin feeling
                               deeply hydrated for a radiant glow.

          Hydrate  Silicone Encapsulated Hyaluronic Acid has a profound deep effect
                   on the hydration of the skin leaving the skin feeling refreshed and
                   hydrated. Improves the overall texture of the skin.

          Smooth   Glycerin and Galactoarabinan promote biological skin moisturization
                   by a mechanism of water distribution and maintenance. Acts in the
                   main cause of skin dryness, restoring skin barrier by stimulating cells
                   and increases production of collagen and elastin, contributing to skin

          Restore  Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract is an innovative ingredient able to restore
                   the barrier function of the epidermis to cover tiny fissures in the skin,
                   provide a soothing protective film and increase the water-content of
                   the epidermis and of the dermis.
        Aqua, Isopentyldiol, Acetyl Glucosamine (and) Sodium PCA (and) Glycosphingolipids (and)
        Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Polyglyceryl-10 Oleate (and) Polyglyceryl-6 Laurate (and) Sorbitan
        Palmitate (and) Cetyl Phosphate, Xylityl Sesquicaprilate (and) Caprylyl Glycol , Phantenol,
        Glycerin (and) Galactoarabinan, Hyaluronic Acid (and) Silanetriol (and) Water (and)
        Butylene Glycol , Allantoin
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