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CLEOPATRA, �a woman of surpassing beauty,� stands for
        its powerful associations that captures the essence of
        our unique treatment: Beautiful, Powerful, Seductive,
        Irresistible, Brilliant and Regal.
        A Revolutionary Approach to the Treatment of a Variety of
        Skin Conditions and Aging Skin. A complete Bio-Stimulation
        and Transdermal Delivery System.

        With the CLEOPATRA system you can treat: fine lines and
        wrinkles, reduces pore size, flaccidity, improves skin tone and
        texture, brightens dull skin, dry skin, hyper-pigmentation,
        acne, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, improving skin
        texture, scar therapy and striae (stretch Marks).
        Designed for all skin types.

        Fresh, Firm and Radiant skin with CLEOPATRA‘s
        unique Three Step Process; Unsurpassed Results that last!
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