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CLEOPATRA is the ONLY device combining 3 of the
       latest in aesthetic treatments providing you with the
       benefits of multiple technologies in one.

        UNIQUE combination of 3 Synergistic
        Clinically Proven Technologies

                     1- CleoAbrasor  TM
                     A unique design for controlled
                     exfoliation and evacuation with
                     simultaneous infusion into the skin.

                     2- CleoFrac  TM
                     A fractional Bio-Infusion
                     head with varying needle
                     depth to actively create
                     micro-channels which helps
                     improve the infusion of the
                     Advanced Bio-Active Serums
                     into the skin.

                     3- LED Light
                     (Red, Green and Blue)
                     The application of LED
                     Light completes the unique
                     process to provide a
                     spectacular result; Fresh,
                     Firm and Radiant skin.

        Exfoliate and Evacuate        Infuse               LED Therapy

         1                       2                      3

        Since CLEOPATRA is so versatile, there are almost endless ways to use the device
        because of its dual HANDPIECE (face and body), switching to micro-channeling in
        addition to Abrasion, LED Light Therapy and a myriad of available Advanced
        Bio-Active Serums.

        Every Add-On Accessory is specifically designed, for either face and neck or body
        area procedures.

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