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An Innovative design that gently creates Micro-Channels under a sealed vacuum
        delivering serums deep into the skin helping to stimulate collagen and elastin
        production for a youthful complex.

        Rolling Micro-Channeling
        •  Square head opening draws skin into head.
        •  Micro-needles penetrate into skin to create
          micro-channels when passed over the skin
          in rolling motion.
        •  Closed circuit vacuum system allows flow of serums
          through micro-channels into the skin.
        •  Action of micro-channeling triggers cellular
          responses providing Bio-Stimulation.
        •  Increase in production of collagen and elastin.
        •  Triple Action Infusion:
          1. Closed circuit vacuum uses pneumatic pressure to
            push Advanced Bio-Active Serums into the skin.
          2. Advanced Bio-Active Serums also penetrate
            deeper via the micro-channels.
          3. Micro-encapsulated Bio-Active Ingredients
            penetrate more easily into the skin.
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