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CLEOPATRA Proprietary Technology applies a sealed vacuum system that
           exfoliates, evacuates all debris and impurities, infuses Advanced Bio-Active
            Serums under pressure, finishing with the benefits of LED Light Therapy.

                       Designed for all Skin Types and Ages

                        How does it works?

             EXFOLIATION         EVACUATION
             • Extract and Purify, leaving skin radiant.
             • Reveals fresh skin clarifying and evening skin tone, without irritation.
             • Death cells, dirt and impurities are cleansed away.
             • Simultaneously infuses Advanced Bio-Active Serums to treat skin conditions.
             • Exfoliation, Evacuation and Infusions of Bio-Active Serums via Vacuum Assisted
                Dermal Abrasion.

             • Innovative design that creates micro-channels, delivering Advanced Bio-
              Active Serums deep into the skin, increasing production of collagen and
              elastin, stimulating the skin repair process.
             • The gentle pressure of the sealed Vacuum System helps deep infusion of
              Bio-Active Serums that hydrate and target specific skin problems.


             • LED Light Therapy helps create a flawless firm complexion,
             • Minimizes redness and reducing inflammation, while eliminates bacteria,
             • Green and Blue Light stimulate collagen and elastin production,
             • All the advantages of LED Light Therapy for that Youthful Skin You Deserve.
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