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CLEOPATRA uses four Advanced Bio-Active
        Serums to trigger cellular responses for
        specific skin conditions.

        Our Advanced Bio-Active Serums were developed using the most advanced
        state-of-the-art cosmetic ingredients to provide the most amazing results
        possible. Our Bio-Active Ingredients are encapsulated for stable delivery and
        our botanical extracts are of the highest standard.

            Deep            Powerful        Pigmentation      Acne Prone
           Hydration       Anti-Oxidant       Disorders          Skin

        CLEOPATRA Fractional Bio-infusion System offers multiple treatment
        options for both the face and body. Whether you desire skin clarification,
        hydration, brightening or anti-aging treatments, CLEOPATRA can achieve
        your goals.

                          Our Advanced Bio-Active Serums are of
                          the highest standard. Free of Parabens,
                          Propylene Glycol, and Fragrance.
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