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SkinGen’s new consolidation

We are pleased to announce some exciting developments at Aime Medical, BASIS Medical Technologies and SilDerm Ltd!

Our companies have consolidated their ownership, management and resources under a newly formed parent company, Skingen International Inc., based in Toronto, Canada. BASIS and SilDerm will continue to operate as wholly owned subsidiaries of SkinGen while only the assets and management of AIME relating to Lumixyl, SilkPeel, and ScarMD™ will be incorporated into SkinGen. We’re all very excited about the amalgamation and believe that this will enhance our products and technology offering, partner and customer support, and competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

SkinGen’s new consolidation of managing directors brings extensive experience in product development, sales and marketing, channel development and a wealth of additional experience in the dermatology and medical aesthetics arena. Our aim is to utilize all with our partners to be of greater value and to enhance your success.

skingen international

We will strive to enhance our offering by:

  • Increasing the clinical evidence base for all products. We will be making use of our Medical Advisory Board to plan and implement some key clinical studies.
  • Intensify our market focus by working closely with our partners to enhance the launch and or market development of our products.
  • Continue to develop or source new innovative products and line extensions to build market interest.
  • Overcome regulatory obstacles and accelerate the time to market for new products and line extensions.

Our current portfolio includes